Student Paper Competition

Why YOU should enter:
  1. The contest gives undergraduate students and graduate students an opportunity to gain recognition by presenting their work.
  2. Participants become aware of the endeavors of their peers.
Who can enter: Each person must be enrolled in a degree (undergrad. or grad.) program with at least a half-time course load.

About the competition:
Each student is given a 20 minute time slot in which to present his/her research. Judges will be present in the audience and the contestants will be graded on clarity, content, organization, and so on.

Award: An award will be presented to those judged as being 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each category (undergraduate - 2 yr institutions, undergraduate - 4 yr institutions, graduate - masters and graduate - Ph. D. )

Call for Abstracts

Contest winners from last year
Contest winners from other years